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Dare to enter the dungeon?

How much loot can you find? How many levels can you descend before you meet your fate?

Roguish is a  little game I made for the 7DRL challenge 2013.. and didn’t finish.

Coded in HTML5 with Impact JS, it features: procedurally generated rooms with perma-death and a responsive screen size that runs on most devices.

There are however a couple of bugs worth mentioning.. sometimes the player is spawned in between walls and there is no way out. Likewise with the exit.  Also,  the game can lose track of monsters and player positions from time to time and occasionally the whole thing just freezes up, but hey, it was made in just over a week.

Might have to go back at some stage and fix these things up. There might just be a fun little dungeon crawler here.

Arrows or swipe to move. Double click / double tap to enter or restart

I’ve reached level 36 and 345 coins.. just sayin’ 😉