Devil’s Doom at AVCON

We had a great weekend showing Devil’s Doom to the public for the first time. We had a great spot in the Indie Games Room and showed the game to at least a few hundred people. Thankfully the response was overwhelmingly positive, which is a relief I have to say. Had some great comments, and in particular folks really enjoyed playing on the desktop version of the game with the gamepad controller. We’ll be looking at doing a PC port now too.

A big thank you to all who game down and a very special thanks to the folks who took part in the high score competition. It was a fierce contest but in the end there was a clear winner.  We’ll be posting the results in the next day or so here and on our Facebook page, so be sure to head over there and give us a like.

Once again many thanks for checking out the game – we made this for you!

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